Status Update

Activities for 05/12/2014 to 05/24/2014

  • RM 967 to Jerry’s Lane will have construction activity related to installation of inlet, topsoil, concrete driveways, base coarse, and pave.
  • Concrete Driveway work will have moderate impacts to traffic and all activities will cause minimal impact.
  • Jerry’s Lane to McKinnon Loop will have construction activity related to grade ditch, base coarse, and pave. This will cause minimal impact to traffic.
  • McKinnon Loop to the Travis County Line will have construction activity at the bridge related to forming, pouring and installing the rails and road work related to laying base and paving. These activities will have minimal impacts to traffic.
  • Travis County Line to Brodie Lane will have no construction activity at this time.
  • Driveway impacts include the following:
    • 125 FM 1626
    • 251 N 1626 Building 2 Suite D
    • 321 N. FM 1626