Construction Information

I wanted to provide everyone with an update on the construction status of the FM 1626 South project from FM 2770 to FM 967.



The right turn lane on eastbound FM 967 will be closed on Friday, July 26th, starting at 9:00 p.m., through 1:00 p.m., on Saturday, July 27th, to complete roadway construction at the FM 1626 and RM 967 intersection. The contractor is working to complete the pavement in this location as soon as possible, to allow for a better turning radius from eastbound FM 967 onto FM 1626 for semi-trucks and school buses. the right turning movement (eastbound to southbound) will be allowed throw the EB lane on RM 967.


FM 1626 Traffic Switch


  • The traffic operation will begin at 7 AM on Tuesday 7/23. The majority of the work will occur north of the FM 967 intersection on FM 1626.
  • Police Officers will be controlling the signals at RM 967, as needed.
  • Operations will consist of minor striping adjustments to southbound traffic, north of the intersection at RM 967.
  • After the operation, northbound and southbound lanes will remain in their current configuration.


  • The traffic switch began at 7 AM on Friday 7/19.
  • Southbound traffic and the center turn lane will be shifted from RM 967 to Old Black Colony Rd. onto the new pavement on the east side of the roadway.
  • Police Officers will be controlling the signals at RM 967 throughout the day, as needed.
  • The center turn lane will be in place from Old Black Colony Rd. to Hy Rd.
  • From Hy Rd. to RM 967, NB traffic will be in two (2) lanes until the intersection.
  • In final configuration, northbound traffic will consist of a right turn lane, two straight lanes, and a left turn lane at RM 967.
  • In final configuration, southbound traffic will maintain the right turn lane, straight lane, and left turn lane at RM 967.

If you have any questions during the construction of this project please contact my assistant, Jennifer Scott, at 512-262-2091, or check the project website, Thank you for your patience during the construction of these much needed improvements.

Thank you,

Mark Jones, Commissioner for Precinct 2


Hays County is working closely with the contractor to develop a construction phasing schedule. Once information is available it will be posted here. Construction from RM 967 to FM 2770 began in December 2016 and last approximately two years.